Mulga Bore Hard Rock!

A bright light is shining out of the red dirt, Mulga Bore Hard Rock band

We are the Mulga Bore Hard Rock band, a school band who recently had the shock opportunity to open for KISS

We are a band made up of school kids, community members, and a big family. We live in a remote community called Mulga Bore, which is 180ks North East of Alice Springs. We are Anmatjerre, we live our culture but we also live in two worlds. Through this band and our school


 We want to inspire other First Nations youth to follow their dreams by getting our story out and travelling far and wide leading by example, showing the way every day. Help us achieve this by contributing to our Go Fund me.


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A documentary is in production, by producer/director Rebecca McLean of Sharp Film Productions. Help us fund this project by contributing to the Go Fund Me!